Colocation (placement equipment)

Access to accommodation of physical servers to 19-inch rack, located in a data center, equipped with backup power, climate control and security. This guarantees a high degree of reliability and continuity in the work place equipment. Your server will be connected to high-speed data. This will allow for quick access to your server as network users, and your staff. Typically, the service server placement is necessary for those customers who want to facilitate the organization of the "last mile" - client-to-provider, or provide very favorable conditions for the placement of your project or site with a high degree of stress on equipment. A quality colocation - a cost-effective way to organize such a channel, organized data center professionals. Another factor for the quality and professional server placement is a necessary or having the possibility to use corporate resources from a variety of remote locations (offices), even while on a business trip or vacation. Thus, the server location on professionally prepared site can be available 100% of the time all server hardware, and as a consequence of corporate resources. Colocation - the ability to save on the organization of working space costly and demanding to the conditions of the network equipment, as well as a great way to save on staff members, who will serve server around the clock seven days a week. In addition to placing the site on the server of your own server, we can offer you the service dedicated server.

Prices for accommodation

Service Adjusting payment, UAH Fee, USD / month
Placing the switch, 1U Free 100
Placing the switch, 1U Free 300
Placing the switch, 2U Free 500


  • Power server should not exceed 250 watts
  • For every unit deployed equipment allocated 2 IP-addresses
  • one power outlet
  • one switch port 100 Mbit / s
  • bound by the 100 Mbit / s (requirement: the average daily load should not exceed 25 Mbit / s) Connecting
  • IPKVM-on-demand device
  • SMS-informed about the unavailability of the site
  • devices must be prepared for installation in the server rack width of 19 '
  • equipment in non rackmount-execution is not set