Public contract-offer

Dear customers! When ordering our company's services and paying them according to invoices is presented below unconditional acceptance of the contract, rules for the use of services, regulations of the Technical Support and the service level agreement SLA

Company InfiumHost represented Ltd. "INFIUM", hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, offers services for domain name registration, shared hosting, virtual server rental, dedicated servers on the Internet, as well as colocation services, rental of cabinets, units (hereinafter - services) legal or individual (the customer). Unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of this Agreement, a public offer (hereinafter - Agreement) is the implementation of the Customer payment on account of payment and receipt of the relevant financial document confirming the payment.

1.General Provisions

1.1. Under the Services is providing the Customer:
1.1.1. unique name and password to enable it to place their information on the servers of the Contractor;
1.1.2. support for primary and secondary DNS name server domain used;
1.1.3. the possibility of organizing an unlimited number of e-mail names to the volume stored in a time of information within range of the tariff plan;
1.1.4. the ability to use all available programs and functions;
1.1.5. access to the statistics of visits;
1.1.6. obtaining necessary to connect to the Service and the Software Configuration consultation by e-mail or ticket system in accordance with the Personal Area Regulation of technical support .

2. The rights and obligations of the parties

2.1. customer is not allowed:
2.1.1. To take actions aimed at limiting or preventing access of other users to the Services, as well as the attempts of illegal access to the resources of the Contractor and / or other resources available through the Internet.
2.1.2. Publish, transmit (send) any information that is contrary to international law.
2.1.3. Post or transmit any information or software that contains software viruses or any other components equal to them.
2.1.4. Transmit (send) e-mails, commercial or otherwise, inconsistent with their recipient. Under the distribution is a mass mailing of several electronic messages to multiple recipients and multiple distribution to one recipient, and the use of essential elements (web pages, e-mail) of the Customer in such mailings, made through another provider. We unacceptable spam (unauthorized distribution) in any of its manifestations. Every account has seen in spam will be deleted without warning, the cash balance is not refundable.
2.1.5. Use profanity when dealing with customer support, to present baseless accusations towards the company in any form.
2.2. Contractor Responsibilities:
2.2.1. Provide customer service after transfer of payment, but no later than 6 hours from the time of payment. Perform the initial configuration of the server for free (installation of the OS and the Control Panel)
2.2.2. Register by sending the customer login and password for e-mail customer.
2.2.3. To register a domain (if ordered) in the name of the Customer, provided that the domain is free at the time of registration.
2.2.4. Provide the Services in accordance with the selected tariff plan.
2.3. rights of the Contractor:
2.3.1. Suspend the provision of the Services to the Customer or to terminate the Agreement unilaterally without refund of payment in the event of the Customer 2.1. this Agreement.

3. Cost of services and payment

3.1. The cost of services under this Contract shall be determined in accordance with the rates and payment terms published on the website
3.2. The customer is entitled to a refund if he does not fit the provided services in 100% of net value added services (registration of licenses, administration) within 7 days of use of the services.

4. Special conditions and responsibilities of the parties

4.1. Contractor does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free absolute Services. The Contractor shall make all reasonable efforts and measures to prevent it.
4.2. The Contractor shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the Customer as a result of using the Services.
4.3. Provider is not liable for the negligent use or misinterpretation of technical specifications provided by the Customer Service.
4.4. The customer is fully responsible for the security of your password and for any losses that may occur due to unauthorized use of it.
4.5. The Customer shall ensure the latest versions of the software carries out the installation of the required modules and software. The customer has the right to ask for or pay a one-time permanent administration by making a request through the ticket in your account.
4.6. The contract is valid for the number of paid days and automatically extended for subsequent payments.
4.7. The agreement shall enter into force on the date of payment.
4.8. Regulations of the Technical Support and The SLA is an integral part of this agreement.